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Personally Guiding You Through Mediation

More and more families throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts are turning to collaborative options to address family law issues. Mediation is an ideal option for families that wish to address issues in a cost-effective and clear way.

At Bernazzani Law, our lawyers possess decades of combined experience to help you find efficient and cost-effective solutions. We tailor the process to your family's unique needs and goals, and take time to answer all of your questions.

A Better Way To Resolve Family Disputes

In the mediation process, couples use a neutral mediator to work toward a mutually beneficial agreement in a straightforward way. Additionally, couples can use a financial neutral and/or a child specialist to help them work through the process. Throughout the mediation process, families can take advantage of parenting and therapy options to assist with their family's needs.

At its foundation, mediation presents extreme flexibility and is the most economical form of collaborative divorce options, especially compared to traditional litigation. If parties have a clear idea of their goals and can collaborate, mediation is often an ideal option.

For couples with children, we have found that mediation is one of the ideal ways to help children get through a divorce. In mediation, parents come together with a trained mediator to discuss and come to an agreement regarding custody.

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Questions and Answers About Mediation

At the Nashua law firm of Bernazzani Law, we are proud to represent clients in mediation sessions or provide services as neutral mediators. We are big believers in mediation, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, including:

We Have A Great Deal Of Assets And Children. Is Our Case Too Complex For Mediation?
No case is too complex for mediation. Our trained mediators will discuss and address every possible issue. When necessary, experts in child care, property division and other relevant subject matters will assist to work through any thorny issues.
Will I Have To Go To Court?
In New Hampshire and Massachusetts, you will never have to appear before a judge if you and your spouse can successfully complete the mediation process. With family courts overwhelmed and overbooked, mediation can help you get through your divorce quickly without having to worry about lengthy court delays.
Do I Still Need My Own Lawyer?
While a neutral mediator is usually an attorney, a mediator will not be able to give you independent advice to benefit only you. It is important that each spouse has his or her own respective attorney to provide necessary guidance and to review any final agreements. Your lawyer can prevent you from agreeing to something that can cause you harm in the future.
Can We Determine Child Custody Through Mediation?
Absolutely. In fact, we have found that mediation is a much better way for divorcing parents to work out issues regarding child custody than traditional litigation. If your children are still young, you and your ex-spouse will have to continue to co-parent for years to come. Working together in mediation will help prepare you for the future, and maintaining a good, working relationship will also help your children adjust with this new phase of their lives.
What If We Cannot Agree On Everything?
While rare, it is possible that you and your spouse just may not be able to find common ground. The benefit of mediation is that it provides a great deal of flexibility. You can continue to have more sessions with your mediator in an attempt to reach an agreement, or you can elect to take the matter to litigation. It is important to remember that in litigation, however, you will not be in control of the outcome.

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Using Mediation For Child Custody Disputes

Child custody is often one of the most stressful aspects of divorce. These types of highly emotional issues often fuel bitter and costly disputes that can breed dysfunction and make it difficult for parents to effectively co-parent.

For the sake of their child, however, parents must take steps to move beyond hurt feelings and high emotions and move forward. Mediation can be an effective way to resolve child custody disputes. In mediation, parents come together with a trained mediator to discuss and come to an agreement regarding custody.

The benefits of mediation for both parents and children are plentiful and include helping you find solutions that protect your parental rights and your relationship with your child.

Learn How To Co-Parent Effectively Into The Future

Even if your children are nearing age 18, you and your ex-spouse will likely have to continue to interact well into the future. If your children are young, you will have to work together to make important decisions about health care, education and religion. Mediation can allow you to:

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How Mediation Differs From Litigation

For divorcing couples who cannot agree on anything, litigation may be the preferable option. If you and your spouse can work together, however, mediation can provide several advantages compared to a traditional divorce.

At Bernazzani Law, our lawyers are experienced litigators who understand when it is in your best interests to avoid going to court.

Minimize Stress And Financial Strain

Mediation stresses collaboration. In mediation, you will be able to sit down and work on an agreement that meets everyone's needs. By using mediation:

These are just a few differences between mediation and litigation. On the whole, we can say definitely that the majority of our clients who go through mediation are much more satisfied with the final outcome than clients who go through litigation. There is give and take, and you will likely not get everything you want, but we will help you reach a resolution that works.

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