Custody And Relocation Matters

When two individuals divorce, separate or become estranged due to the breakdown of a relationship, it is not unusual for one or both of them to move to a different city or state.

However, when shared children are involved, existing custody and visitation arrangements must be taken into account and followed. A change as simple as moving to a new school district is of interest to the court and can have an enormous effect on a child's quality of life.

At Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, we assist parents in Nashua, Woburn and throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts in obtaining the necessary permissions — from courts and, if possible, from co-parents — to relocate with their parental rights intact. We also assist parents who wish to prevent their counterparts from disrupting their children's lives and limiting their ability to spend time with their children.

Parental Relocation Must Be In A Child's "Best Interest"

New Hampshire considers the "best interest" of children in all parenting decisions, including relocation. Usually, this includes providing the child access to both parents, even if one parent has been granted physical custody of the child most of the time.

If the judge believes an out-of-state move or other long-distance relocation by the custodial parent will significantly disrupt the child's life, that parent may not be allowed to move with the child, or may have to make accommodations for the child to travel to see the other parent, siblings, grandparents and other relatives, as well as allow for communication with the child via email, telephone, Skype or other means.

Conversely, if the judge believes the move is in the child's best interest, after considering other statutory factors, then relocation may be granted. It can be very difficult to prove that a proposed relocation hundreds or thousands of miles away is in the best interests of the child or children, but with the right set of facts, these cases can be won, and our attorneys have done just that.

The Importance Of Consulting With An Attorney

If you are considering relocating, or believe your co-parent is planning a move, it is wise to consult with seasoned attorneys who understand custody laws in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and how they are practiced.

If you are a parent who shares child custody and is planning to relocate, we urge you to discuss your next legal move with us. Together, we can discuss your circumstances, learn your goals and work to achieve the best possible result for you and your family members.

To consult with one of our lawyers in a free initial consultation, contact our Nashua or Woburn law office at 866-211-5601.

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