High-Asset Divorce Calls For In-Depth Understanding

Divorces involving significant assets and funds present unique, nuanced and often complex problems above and beyond those of normal divorces. Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, has handled numerous complex and high net worth divorces throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We have the detailed legal knowledge and understanding that you need to protect your interests.

Finding Asset Protection Strategies That Work For You

High-level managers, including executives, are often compensated in unusual ways. Additionally, small-business owners, including legal or medical professionals, have their own unique assets and issues that can be complex. For example, an executive may not receive a simple salary, but may be compensated in performance units, stock options or other incentives that can appreciate or fluctuate.

Small-business owners also have issues regarding compensation — it must be established whether accounts receivable or the actual salary of a professional is considered marital property.

If you are working through high-asset divorce issues, get in touch with our legal team. Our attorneys are prepared to put more than half a century of combined experience to work to address nearly any high-asset issue, including:

  • High-level compensation
  • Retirement benefits
  • Profit-sharing benefits
  • Pensions
  • Benefit plans
  • Executive bonus
  • 401(k)s
  • Real estate/property
  • Businesses

We also recognize that many of these issues present complicated discovery and valuation issues. We are prepared to bring our experience to fully trace and value all assets to help you reach the most fair and equitable outcome possible.

Contact Our Attorneys Today For The Help You Need

Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, offers free consultations. For more information, or to discuss your situation and options with an experienced high net worth divorce lawyer, contact us online or call 866-211-5601 to reach our Nashua or Woburn office.

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