Helping You With Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning can be an extremely important part of the estate planning process. If you or your loved ones are planning for Medicaid benefits, it is critical to retain experienced counsel that will help you develop a plan that fully protects you and your loved ones. At Wolfson & Bernazzani, PLLC, we can help.

Attorneys Helping You Plan For The Future Effectively

Depending on where in life people are dictates how to properly plan for Medicaid issues. When applying for Medicaid, an applicant has to meet particular income and asset guidelines. As such, one must plan assets accordingly.

The further in advance you plan, the more opportunity might be there to convert a countable asset into an uncountable asset so that you end up retaining the benefit of more. A mistake that ends up classifying an asset as countable can cost Medicaid benefits, sometimes for years.

If someone has X amount in a bank account, for instance, a question might arise as to whether to spend that on months of nursing home expenses, prepaid burials or to set up an irrevocable trust. All these issues make huge differences — ones that can cost thousands when mistakes are made.

We will help you understand how to qualify for Medicaid and tailor our approach to your unique needs and dynamics.

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